The Christmas story


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Gutenberg Bible II/ 218v, Lucas: »Factum est autem eum sacerdotio fungere...«

»In those days a decree went out«
This elegant print with its delicate ornamentation quotes the beginning of the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke, right up to the point where the angel of the Lord appears before the shepherds. The text about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is the epitome of what Christmas is all about: light and warmth, hope and joy, love and security. 

Our variants 

  • Standard
    Ribbed deckle-edge paper, format 42 x 30 cm
    Three-colour press prints produced on historical Gutenberg Museum machines (Original Heidelberg Cylinder) in three different print runs on mechanically-produced, hand-torn, ribbed deckle-edge paper. The outlines of ornamentation are also printed. 

  • Hand-coloured
    Ribbed deckle-edge paper, format 42 x 30 cm, frame format 48 x 36 cm
    The standard pages (see above) are coloured by hand by our artists using tempera and gold inks. 

  • Hand-gilded
    Format ca. 45 x 32 cm, frame format 54 x 43 cm
    These high-quality prints are produced as a handpress print in three colours on the Korrex Hannover on handmade paper bearing the Gutenberg Museum watermark. Finely embossed gold embellishments are added to the tempera ink colouring using a skill very few artists still master. A base material is applied to the paper layer by layer in an elaborate and time-consuming process to form a platform for the 22-carat gold leaf. This raises the ornaments from the surface of the paper to perfectly display the elegant shimmer of real gold. 

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