“Oh how difficult is writing: it dulls the eyes, squeezes the kidneys and torments all the limbs…” (note from an 8th-century scribe)
Here you will find all the basic utensils you need for the fine art of calligraphy: seals, nibs and ink, our hand-made paper or even papyrus.

Kalligraphie Kreativbox

Schreibpilot: Letters

Sealing wax
Color: gold

Seals with initials
Letter: P

Calligraphy Quills
Quills: Ornamental quill 2,5 mm

Pen holder with nib
Color: marbled

Goose quill
Color: black

Wooden ball pen holder

Natural ink
Color: Bohemian ink

Bible ink

Aniline ink
Color: red

Student ink
Color: black

Übungsheft Deutsche Schrift

Goatskin or calfskin parchment

Papyrus A4

Writing slates
Size: medium

More variants from €4.90*
Color: white

Pencil extender
Color: natural color