About Us

The team – voluntary work as a matter of principle
Of the 30 people who currently work in the Gutenberg Shop a good two thirds are volunteers. These people regularly sacrifice their most precious commodity – their time – in order to help us achieve our aim, namely that of promoting the world-famous Gutenberg Museum and supporting it financially long-term with proceeds generated within the building.
Our volunteer printing fans from Mainz sell in the retail shops, help out in the office and – if needs be – occasionally also in the warehouse. They are also present when the museum makes an appearance at trade shows and assist us at festive galas and book fairs.
Nobody works at the Gutenberg Shop simply to earn money. All who volunteer their services here do so out of interest and with great commitment to a common cause – and because they enjoy it!

Products – from the Smallest Book in the World to the goose quill
The Gutenberg Shop sells around 1,000 exclusive items which focus on printing, reading and writing. We have gifts to suit all tastes and pockets, from the now widely famous Smallest Book in the World containing the Lord’s Prayer in seven languages to reprints of single sheets of the Gutenberg Bible to ink pads for children. There is of course also an extensive selection of specialist publications on all aspects of printing and the manufacture of books.

Quality and sustainable production are our maxims:
  • The theme and content of each product must be inextricably linked to the museum collection or to an exhibition being held at the museum. In the broadest sense the products on sale provide specific thematic information on printing and the arts and crafts related to it, furthering the museum's desire to educate and inform the general public.
  • Materials are used which are originally applied in printing, such as paper, ink, wood, metal, stone, fabric etc. Synthetic materials are only used if a product needs a protective wrapping.
  • In an attempt to do justice to the international focus of the museum and its collection, many products, books and brochures are in more than one language or include multilingual descriptions. 
  • The shop also endeavours to revive long-forgotten crafts and techniques, such as papermaking, calligraphy, book illumination and bookbinding. Where possible, Gutenberg Shop products are manufactured using these traditional methods.
  • The museum is frequented by visitors of all ages and levels of education. This variety is mirrored in our range of products. 

Individual gift wrapping
The Gutenberg Shop not only has a wide selection of products for all occasions and gift-giving opportunities; we also offer a very special gift wrap service. On request all presents can be packaged in hand-printed paper, with no two sheets the same. Each gift is thus guaranteed to be unique!

The Gutenberg Foundation

The Gutenberg Shop is operated by the Gutenberg Stiftung or Gutenberg Foundation (a registered non-profit organisation). We are supporting the Gutenberg Museum in two ways: through the purposeful collection of donations and by organising and running our two Gutenberg Shops and online shop. Nearly all of the ladies and gentlemen who work for us are volunteers. Thanks to their commitment the museum is presented with a sizeable contribution every year which enables it to work more independently and gives it renewed scope for various projects. The prime objective of the coming years is to create the Gutenberg Museum of the future which will entail full architectural and contextual modernisation of the existing museum.
The Gutenberg Foundation is in full keeping with the 115-year-old tradition of the world museum of printing, as it has always been the commitment of the local inhabitants which has fuelled the greatest developments in the history of the museum.
 Flexibility and future orientation were the revolutionary characteristics of the movable type invented by Gutenberg. It was this which allowed knowledge to be disseminated among the general public, building the foundations for all further developments in the range of media we are familiar with today.
Active commitment to a common goal. Join us and help!