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Our octascope has a cut lens through whoch you can literally view the world in its many facets. Depending on what you aim it at the images change and multiply with each movement to provide surprising new pictures. Covered in replicas of old maps our octascope is reminiscent of past adventures. 

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Color: white
This traditional stylus works perfectly on our writing slates.

Pen holder with nib
Color: marbled
We stock a traditional dip fountain pen holder for writing or calligraphy nibs in natural coloured or marbled solid wood, oiled or varnished. A (replaceable) student’s nib is included.

Writing slates
Size: medium
Writing the old-fashioned way: this is a classic memory board no kitchen, office or study should be without. Use it to jot down and revise your ideas, shopping lists, notes and messages and to help the kids practise their writing and drawing skills. Formate:small 5 x 8 cmmedium 11 x 15 cmlarge 17,5 x 25,5 cm

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Finger spelling
Talking without actually speaking?!This is non-verbal communication made easy! Learn how to sign the alphabet with your hands. Finger spelling is a successful form of communication wherever the spoken word is not desired. This pocket guide is the perfect travel or car game for kids.

Gutenberg for Kids
Language: french
Gutenberg for Kids offers on 52 pages all aspects of Gutenbergs inventions and the age of the late Middle Ages he lived in.The guide is suitable for kids from 9 years and older. At the end of each chapter the young readers can improve their knowlwedge in funny quizzes. A detailed glossary explains all the unknown terms. Available in German, English and French. Paperback, 52 pages, Gutenberg-Museum 2014.

Student ink
Color: black
This inexpensive yet high-quality ink from Lindau is suitable for plunger refill pens. We especially recommend it for use in school. It is available in black, blue, red, turquoise and violet.

Gutenberg Museum letterpress print, Letter of indulgence for typing errors
Typing errors happen – yet with this letter of indulgence, issued at the Gutenberg Museum in the name of Johannes Gutenberg himself, you now have the chance to redeem at least this minor sin! It gives you seven years, seven months and seven days of atonement – a real bargai. The print is letterpress printed on handmade paper at the Gutenberg Museum. Format: ca. 29 x 42 cm. German edition.

Our octascope has a cut lens through whoch you can literally view the world in its many facets. Depending on what you aim it at the images change and multiply with each movement to provide surprising new pictures. Covered in replicas of old maps our octascope is reminiscent of past adventures. 

Natural ink
Color: Bohemian ink
Each of our natural inks is manufactured according to medieval formulae from 100% natural ingredients, filled into blown glass pots and sealed with a cork stopper. They are ideal for use with goose quills or dip fountain pens (not suitable for plunger refills). Content: 20 m Indigo (blue): the dye of the indigo plant was used to colour textiles and for calligraphy and the illumination of manuscripts very early on. Ferro-gallic ink (black): gallnuts from various types of oak mixed with iron salts produced the dye for this classic Bible ink. Bohemian ink (brown): this brown ink is made from walnut shells, giving it a warm, harmonious nut brown colour. Frisian ink (green): this ink formula is reminiscent of art lessons at school! The intense yellow of the turmeric plant is mixed with indigo to produce a clear green. Austria (red): this vivid red is made from dried cochineal insects. In the last century this dye was still heralded as Spain’s most lucrative export after gold and silver. Positively brilliant! Purple: the magenta secretion of the purple snail was initially only used to dye the robes of extremely important individuals and thus considered to be the most valuable dye of the ancient world. Rose: with its gentle perfume of roses this wonderfully dark red ink is a very special treat for the senses.

Edelmann/Kölpin: Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern
Our new children’s mystery is releasedWe are pleased to present our new children’s book to you!The orphan Martin comes to Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop as an apprentice to work under top-secret conditions on the invention of the book printing process. But soon things are stolen from the workshop which pose great danger to the business. When Martin becomes a suspect of this theft himself, he decides to try to find the real thieves. Can the neighbour’s daughter Klara help him? Or is she working with the thieves?This thrilling story about Martin and Klara leads the reader directly into Gutenberg’s 15th century workshop where the printing press invention was made that changed the world.Regine Koelpin and Gitta Edelmann. Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern. A historic Children’s Mystery. Paperback, 240 pages. Illustrated by Juno Sommer. Gutenberg Foundation 2019.

The Mainz colouring book / Das Mainz-Ausmalbuch
Our lovingly designed colouring book introduces artists great and small to the beauties of the Gutenberg city of Mainz. The drawings are by freelance illustrator Thilo Weckmüller who runs the uah! letterpress and intaglio printing workshop in Mainz’s Neustadt district together with his co-partner Thomas Bauer. His pictures range from the cathedral to Johannes Gutenberg and his Bible, from Roman and Medieval Mainz to the New Synagogue. The eleven colouring sheets are printed on stiff card and perforated for easy removal, enabling each and every artist to create his or her very own gallery of Mainz art. There is a brief description of each motif in English and German.The Mainz colouring book / Das Mainz-Ausmalbuch. Paperback, 16 pages (cardboard), Thilo Weckmüller & Gutenberg-Shop 2016.

Leo und die Erfindung des Buchdrucks (audio book)
Leo und die Erfindung des Buchdrucks. CD, length: 73 minutes. Matthias Arnold and Kiddinx 2023 (Leo und die Abenteuermaschine, volume 21). German edition.

Blind Fish aka "Bleilaus"
 The "Blind Fish" game of the art of printingDive into the several hundred year-old jargon of the graphic's trade. What is a widow line? Or a flying head? Or a corpse? Or a twicer? Discover all the surprising answers to these queries. Fun can be had by both the young and the seasoned players. This game can be played by 2-4 people. Die Bleilaus. Der Schwarze Peter der Druckkunst. 38 playing cards. Gutenberg-Shop 2018. German Version

The world is a mass of colour … … especially when you look at it through our kaleidoscope! The cut lens paints hundreds of pictures in tiny bright stones, with the play of colours changing with the light. Covered in replicas of old maps and star charts our kaleidoscope is reminiscent of the days of the great seafarers and explorers.

Schulz-Reiss: Johannes Gutenberg und das Werk der Bücher
In c. 1450 an invention changed the world forever: printing with moveable type. Gutenberg’s “work of the books” heralded the dawn of a new age. The written word was no longer the prerogative of the rich. Finally, it was possible to make news and thoughts, ideas and words and particularly education accessible to the general public – a change that was as significant as the invention of the computer or the Internet.In a lively and informative manner author Christine Schulz-Reiss tells the tale of how the hot-headed son of a Mainz patrician became one of the most important inventors in world history. Klaus Ensikat’s masterly illustrations take readers both young and old back to the turbulent days of the Middle Ages and right into Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop.Christine Schulz-Reiss: Johannes Gutenberg und das Werk der Bücher. Hardcover, 36 pages, Kindermannverlag 2018. German edition.

Dieckhoff: Johannes und das Blaubeerschwein
Arthur Dieckhoff: Johannes und das Blaubeerschwein oder: Neues über die Erfindung der Buchdrucker-Kunst. Mit typografischen Schweinebildern von Ralf Mauer. Hard Cover, 44 pages, Schwarze Kunst 2014. German edition.