Everyday Gutenberg Bible

We combine details of Gutenberg's famous printed work with everyday objects to create practical and beautiful souvenirs. In doing so we pay homage to the typographical beauty of Gutenberg’s textura and to the Bible as the word of God.

Gold leaf initials from the Gutenberg-Bible
Letter: A

Marble tiles with 15th century initials
Letter: T

Marble tiles with miniature paintings
Motives: colourful flower

Gutenberg Bible magnets
Motives: A

Gutenberg Bible set of postcards

Gutenberg Bible napkins "Genesis"

Genesis notebook

Necktie Song of Songs

And my Cup will never run dry

Johañes Gensfleisch Riesling

In principio erat verbum pencil
Eraser: black

In principio erat verbum eraser

Gutenberg Bible notepad

More variants from €3.80*
In principio erat verbum folder

Gutenberg Bible pencil case
Motives: In principio erat verbum