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With this sticker you can always express your enthusiasm for »The Man of the Millenium« .

7,4 x 7,4 cm.

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Edelmann/Kölpin: Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern
The orphan Martin comes to Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop as an apprentice to work under top-secret conditions on the invention of the book printing process. But soon things are stolen from the workshop which pose great danger to the business. When Martin becomes a suspect of this theft himself, he decides to try to find the real thieves. Can the neighbour’s daughter Klara help him? Or is she working with the thieves?This thrilling story about Martin and Klara leads the reader directly into Gutenberg’s 15th century workshop where the printing press invention was made that changed the world. Regine Koelpin and Gitta Edelmann. Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern. A historic Children’s Mystery. Paperback, 240 pages. Illustrated by Juno Sommer. Gutenberg Foundation 2019. German edition

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New edition of the famous monograph from rororo publishing. Colour illustrations with numerous tables, index and bibliography. Stephan Füssel: Johannes Gutenberg. Paperback, 160 pages, rororo 2013. German edition

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Who was Gutenberg? Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press has changed the world irreversibly. The reformers' ideas could not have spread so quickly without him and the ability to print with movable letters. What drove him, were they artistic interests or was it more about business? What technical problems did he have to solve before he could print his 42-line Bible? Gutenberg - Genie und Geschäftsmann. Dokumentarfilm. arte 2016. 85 min. German.

Beck: Johannes Gutenberg. Der Siegeszug des Buches (audio drama)
Ulrike Beck: Johannes Gutenberg. Der Siegeszug des Buches. CD, total length: 80 min. Headroom 2017. German edition.

Wagner/Seiter: Gutenberg et le secret de la Sibylle
Graphic Novel about Johannes Gutenberg's time in Straßburg 1438, illustrated by Roger Seiter. Vincent Wagner and Roger Seiter: Gutenberg et le secret de la Sibylle. Hardback, 72 pages, Éditions du Signe 2018. French edition.

Von Gutenberg zum World Wide Web
Von Gutenberg zum World Wide Web. Aspekte der Wirkungsgeschichte von Gutenbergs Erfindung - zur Neukonzeption des Mainzer Gutenberg-Museums. Hrsg. von Stephan Füssel. Softcover, 113 pages, Harrassowitz 2022. German edition

Gottschalk: Johannes Gutenberg. Mann des Jahrtausends
A biography of the inventor to mark the 550th anniversary of his death Few inventions have changed our lives as dramatically as the invention of printing with moveable type. With his first printing press Johannes Gutenberg heralded a new dawn, making mass communication, information and education possible for all. The genius behind the idea has been deeply obscured by the passage of time, however. Only a few details about his life are known. And yet it is possible to rediscover Johannes Gutenberg 550 years after his death. Maren Gottschalk has gone is search of the Man of the Millennium – and of his invention. Maren Gottschalk: Johannes Gutenberg. Mann des Jahrtausends. Hardback, 160 pages, Böhlau Verlag, 2018. German edition.

Füssel: Gutenberg
At last there is a scientifically accurate, available Gutenberg biography in EnglishStephan Füssel, one of Europe's leading Gutenberg experts, describes Gutenberg's life from his childhood in Mainz to his final years, as well as the history of his impact, in a skilful and detailed manner. This short biography contains everything you need to know about the man who changed the printed word - and the world - forever. Stephan Füssel: Gutenberg. Translated by Peter Lewis. Paperback, 189 pages, Haus Publishing 2019. English edition.

Kreim: Johannes Gutenberg. Unternehmer des zweiten Jahrtausends
Erwin Kreim: Johannes Gutenberg. Unternehmer des zweiten Jahrtausends. Hardcover, 128 pages, Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag 2022. German edition

Schulz-Reiss: Johannes Gutenberg und das Werk der Bücher
In c. 1450 an invention changed the world forever: printing with moveable type. Gutenberg’s “work of the books” heralded the dawn of a new age. The written word was no longer the prerogative of the rich. Finally, it was possible to make news and thoughts, ideas and words and particularly education accessible to the general public – a change that was as significant as the invention of the computer or the Internet.In a lively and informative manner author Christine Schulz-Reiss tells the tale of how the hot-headed son of a Mainz patrician became one of the most important inventors in world history. Klaus Ensikat’s masterly illustrations take readers both young and old back to the turbulent days of the Middle Ages and right into Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop.Christine Schulz-Reiss: Johannes Gutenberg und das Werk der Bücher. Hardcover, 36 pages, Kindermannverlag 2018. German edition.

Reviewing Gutenberg. Historische Konzepte und Rezeptionen
Anyone who believes that there are no more unanswered questions about the person and work of Johannes Gutenberg, that everything has long been known and researched, is probably making a widespread mistake. Since 2018 at the latest, however, people in Mainz should know better: 50 years after the assumed year of death of the patron saint of the university, which was re-founded in 1946, the Department of History organised an interdisciplinary symposium on the "Man of the Millennium" together with the Institute for Historical Regional Studies. Together, they had set themselves the goal of clearing up persistent clichés, scrutinising weak or unsubstantiated statements, putting hypotheses to the test, examining the reliability of much-quoted documents, tracing the reception of the person and his work over the course of time and incorporating all the new sources and insights gained since the major anniversary in 2000. Published by Michael Matheus, Heidrun Ochs und Kai-Michael Sprenger. Hardcover, 378 pages, Franz Steiner Verlag 2021. German Edition

White: Editio Princeps. A History of the Gutenberg Bible
The Gutenberg Bible is widely recognized as Europe’s first printed book, a book that forever changed the world. However, despite its initial impact, fame was fleeting: for the better part of three centuries the Bible was virtually forgotten; only after two centuries of tenacious and contentious scholarship did it attain its iconic status as a monument of human invention. Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible is the first book to tell the whole story of Europe’s first printed edition, describing its creation at Mainz circa 1455, its impact on fifteenth-century life and religion, its fall into oblivion during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and its rediscovery and rise to worldwide fame during the centuries thereafter. This comprehensive study examines the forty-nine surviving Gutenberg Bibles, and fragments of at least fourteen others, in the chronological order in which they came to light. Combining close analysis of material clues within the Bibles themselves with fresh documentary discoveries, the book reconstructs the history of each copy in unprecedented depth, from its earliest known context through every change of ownership up to the present day. Along the way it introduces the colorful cast of proud possessors, crafty booksellers, observant travelers, and scholarly librarians who shaped our understanding of Europe’s first printed book. Bringing the ‘biographies’ of all the Gutenberg Bibles together for the first time, this richly illustrated study contextualizes both the historic cultural impact of the editio princeps and its transformation into a world treasure.Eric Marshall White: Editio Princeps. A History of the Gutenberg Bible. Hardcover, 465 Seiten, Harvey Miller Publishers 2017. English edition.