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Winter Wonderland in Mainz with Gutenberg

Standing in front of the renaissance-building »Römischer Kaiser« , part of the Gutenberg-Museum, is the statue of Johannes Gutenbergs in a winter wonderland scenery.

Format 8 x 6,5 cm 

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Ehrmann: Desiderata. Press print
»Despite all its pretence, the drudgery and the broken dreams, this world is beautiful. Be careful. Strive to be happy!«Our poster of Max Ehrmann's Desiderata is produced by the printers of the Gutenberg Museum using the letterpress printing technique. German version. Format: 31,5 cm x 45,5 cm

Genesis notebook
This small notebook is decorated with our illuminated sheet from Genesis, itself an exact copy of the respective page in the Gutenberg Bible held at the State Library in Berlin. An ornate and unusual block onto which to scribble your notes.Format: 8.5 x 12.5cmContains 30 sheets

Gerard/Fontante: Consolation. Letterpress print
One of only 120 copies!A poem designed by John Gerard. Theodor Fontane: Trost. Two handmade papers, typeset in 14 pt Garamond, hand sewn, size 29 x 12cm, 120 copies, Gerard 2012, German edition

Gutenberg Bible napkins
These unusual napkins, which quote the first page of the story of the Creation in the Gutenberg Bible, are a real eye-catcher on the dinner table. The final passage of the richly illuminated page describes the sixth day when God created man and gave him the fruits of the earth as his future source of nourishment. A fine accessory for any dinner party.Gutenberg Bible napkins. Reproduced as a six-colour print. 20 napkins in a packet.

Gutenberg Bible napkins
These unusual napkins, which quote the Nativity from, the Gospel According to Luke in the New Testament, are a real eye-catcher on the dinner table. Reading about the birth of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem we begin to feel some of the true meaning of Christmas: light and warmth, hope and joy, love and comfort.Gutenberg Bible napkins. Reproduced as a five-colour print. 20 serviettes in a packet.

I Love You
Limited editions of two further Smallest Books are available while stocks last. "I Love You" is bound in red leather with a gold heart embossed on the front cover and contains the words "I love you" in twelve languages: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Slovenian and Sanskrit. Note: The cent is only for view and not part of the offered product.

Johannes Gutenberg sticker
With this sticker you can always express your enthusiasm for »The Man of the Millenium« .7,4 x 7,4 cm.

Letter of indulgence for typing errors. Letterpress print
Typing errors happen – yet with this letter of indulgence, issued at the Gutenberg Museum in the name of Johannes Gutenberg himself, you now have the chance to redeem at least this minor sin! It gives you seven years, seven months and seven days of atonement – a real bargai. The print is letterpress printed on handmade paper at the Gutenberg Museum. Format: ca. 29 x 42 cm. German edition.

Letterpress scarf
A scarf for letterpress maniacs!Our elegant letterpress scarf is adorned with a shower of letters – hiding the name »Johannes Gutenberg«. On one end of the scarf, a »G« depicts the written history from the textura font of Gutenberg to the DIN standard font.This soft scarf is made from 100% pure combed, organic cotton and is a perfect match for our Gutenberg wool knit hat. The print colours are water-based and conform to the environmental standards (GOTS).Size: approx. 77 in. x 13 in.

Necktie Song of Songs
This beautiful necktie is woven in pure silk with the Latin excerpt from Song of Songs 1, 1-17: "Ecce tu pulcher es dilecte mi et decorus" – How lovely you are, my precious, my beauty. This modest message, woven with the lettering from the Gutenberg Bible letterpress, is a perfect gift for every beloved man.

Preßler: Mainz im Zeitalter Gutenbergs
Including map of Mainz: 500 years ago and today.Karsten Pressler: Mainz im Zeitalter Gutenbergs. Ein Gang durch die spätmittelalterliche Stadt. Soft Cover, 56 pages, Verlag der rheinhessischen Druckwerkstätte 2000. German edition

The unbreakable Gutenberg-Marathon-Mug
If you are not aware of why the marathon is associated with Johannes Gutenberg, here is the reason: the Gutenberg Bible, also know as the B-42, features 42 lines per page. A marathon is measured in 42 kilometers as the total distance, so each kilometer pays tribute to Gutenberg for every printed line of text in his Gutenberg Bible. Even though these 42 kilometers are run in every marathon, the particularly significant fact about the number 42 belongs especially to Mainz. We find the idea of the Gutenberg-Marathon in Mainz fantastic!

Wooden ball pen holder
This all-rounder stores quills, dip fountain pens and other writing implements at the correct angle. Hand crafted in massive German beech, this attractive accessory will smarten up any office or study desk.

Youngs: Alte Bücher neu in Form. Kreative Papierobjekte
Clare Youngs: Alte Bücher neu in Form: Kreative Papierobjekte. Gatefoldet brochure, 128 pages, Haupt Verlag 2017. German edition.

13 x Künstlerbücher - Livres d'Artistes - Artists Books
Portrait of 13 leading European book artists. Trilingual edition in German, English and French. Paperback. 39 pages. F. Despalles éditions, Paris and Mainz, 1st edition, 2000.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol. Hard cover in a slipcase, 512 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 1998. English edition. The decoration is only for view and not part of the offered product.

A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson solve their first case together. A lettfer from Tobias Gregson arrives at Baker Street, he pleads Holmes to help him with an unexplained death near Brixton Road in Lauriston Gardens. Drebber, the murdered man, lies in an abandoned house. The "Rache" is written on the wall with blood. The investigators of Scotland Yard think it could the unfinished name "Rachel" or it could be the German word "Rache", whereby the latter is considered more likely by Holmes, who is proficient in German. Holmes finds a woman's wedding ring on the body. There is blood in the rooms, but not Drebber's, as he seems completely unharmed. To set a trap for the perpetrator, Holmes places a newspaper ad in which he claims to have found a wedding ring, to be picked up at Dr. Watson's and the story takes its course. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: A Study in Scarlet. Hardcover in a slipcase, 528 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2018. English edition.

Adrian Frutiger: Der Mensch und seine Zeichen
Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger's standard work of reference sets new standards for all those whose work focuses on the phenomenon of signs and symbols and the development of the written word. In words and pictures amateurs and professionals alike are introduced to the theory and practice of designing with type. Contains hundreds of drawings and numerous full-page tables which complement the informative texts. Adrian Frutiger: Der Mensch und seine Zeichen. Hard Cover, 160 pages, Marix Verlag 2013. German edition.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
The story of Aladdin introduces a young man who reaches the aim of his dreams with his innocent fairness despite all intrigue and hostility. The bad magician Noureddin wants to use him as a tool against the sultan and kill him afterwards. Aladdin solely succeeds to fight the magician with the help of the magic lamp, the powers of which are unknown to him, and the love of the sultan's daughter. Finally the natural death of the old sultan makes him head of the empire himself as he is happily married to his beloved. Aladdin und die Wunderlampe. Hard cover in a slipcase, 512 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2004. German edition. The decoration is only for view and not part of the offered product.

Albrecht von Weech: My Father's Poems
Collection of Poems Walter Pirazzi: Albrecht von Weech - Die Gedichte meines Vaters. Hardcover in a slipcase, 186 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2016. German edition. The decoration is only for view and not part of the offered product.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
In the third and last volume of the miniature series of "Tales from the Arabian Nights" Scheherazade tells about Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter who listens to forty thieves by chance and this way discovers their treasure. By using the spell "Open, Sesam" he can enter and take three donkeys of gold. By his brother's mistake, whom he had told the secret, the thieves take notice of him and try to kill him. But they get killed themselves in an equally cunning and cruel way. This miniature edition contains three additional stories. Ali Baba und die 40 Räuber. Hard cover in a slipcase, 512 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2005. German edition.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Hard cover in a slipcase, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2006. English edition. The decoration is only for view and not part of the offered product.

And my Cup will never run dry
»Et calix meus inebrians« –  And my Cup will never run dry These famous words from Genesis adorn our mug in the typographically perfect textura of the Gutenberg Bible. The juxtaposition of the standard type of the 15th century and a modern DIN font builds a typographical bridge to our modern world.

Auf der Suche nach dem idealen Buch
The Gutenberg Museum owns all 53 books which William Morris printed at his Kelmscott Press, plus 67 proofs, announcements, advertisements and various other broadsheets, making its collection of Morris prints the largest outside England. On the centenary of the death of the founder of the art book movement, in 1996 the Gutenberg Museum paid tribute to William Morris and his work in a special exhibition and informative catalogue. Auf der Suche nach dem idealen Buch. William Morris und die Chaucer-Ausgabe der Kelmscott Press 1896. Paperback with numerous b/w illustrations, 94 pages, Gutenberg-Museum Mainz, 1996. German edition.