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This beautiful necktie is woven in pure silk with the Latin excerpt from Song of Songs 1, 1-17: "Ecce tu pulcher es dilecte mi et decorus" – How lovely you are, my precious, my beauty. This modest message, woven with the lettering from the Gutenberg Bible letterpress, is a perfect gift for every beloved man.

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Letterpress scarf
A scarf for letterpress maniacs!Our elegant letterpress scarf is adorned with a shower of letters – hiding the name »Johannes Gutenberg«. On one end of the scarf, a »G« depicts the written history from the textura font of Gutenberg to the DIN standard font.This soft scarf is made from 100% pure combed, organic cotton and is a perfect match for our Gutenberg wool knit hat. The print colours are water-based and conform to the environmental standards (GOTS).Size: approx. 77 in. x 13 in.

The Song of Songs. Berlin Gutenberg Bible
Storage: Grey presentation folder
Gutenberg-Bibel II/15v: The Song of Songs – Cantica Canticorum (1,1-2,14) This page in the Gutenberg Bible contains the most charming and perhaps best-known Song of Solomon. The gentle, moving and extremely erotic words uttered by young lovers in courtship, so often quoted, are absolutely unparalleled: »I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys«. The illumination in our handmade reproduction is based on the Berlin copy of the Gutenberg Bible. The initial »O« in »Osculetur me...« depicts the two lovers sitting opposite one another. Tendrills fill the borders with flowers, in particular the aquilegia that represents the Trinity, love and sexual power. A nightingale, the symbol of love and desire, perches atop one of the leaves. The manufacture of our deluxe page Our deluxe pages from the Gutenberg Bible are exact reproductions of the historical originals. It takes days or weeks to produce them, depending on the richness of the ornamentation, and demands great concentration by the artist – just like in the 15th century. The paper for our deluxe pages is handmade with a watermark and is printed on historical machines owned by the Gutenberg Museum (Korrex Hannover). As at Gutenberg's workshop, only the text in black is printed, with everything else added by hand. The beginnings of sentences are accentuated in red with a quill or brush as upstrokes, with headings also written in by hand (rubrication). The initials and miniatures are sketched into the empty spaces left by Gutenberg for this purpose and in the margins. The base substance for the gold leaf is then applied and the gold laid on top of this. The pages are illuminated in many layers of ink with fine heightening and shading. Finally, the last line ornaments are added and the gold polished. Bible original format: ca. 45 x 33 cmStorage Our deluxe Bible prints are supplied in a handmade presentation folder (51 x 39 cm) that perfectly protects the gold leaf. An informative brochure in English and German on the Gutenberg Bible and its manufacture is also included. Our deluxe pages are also available in a dustproof and airtight frame (57,5-44 cm), which protects the precious gilding with a spacer strip between the glass and the passe-partout.Please note: Framing extends the delivery time by one to two weeks.

Kunze: Rowing two...
Accordion-fold book from the Fliegenkopf manual typesetting workshop Rudern zwei ein boot, der eine kundig der sterne, der andre kundig der stürme, wird der eine führn durch die sterne, wird der andre führn durch die stürme, und am ende ganz am ende wird das meer in der erinnerung blau sein Reiner Kunze: Rudern zwei. Miniature accordion-fold book, hand set, letterpress print; format: 2 x 2 cm; wrapped in a film band and packed in a transparent box. Typesetting workshop Fliegenkopf. (Miniature accordion-fold book, volume 20). One of 400 copies. German edition.Comes with a tiny rowboat.

Quotes of Love
Klaus Klage, famous for his calendars with a quote for each day, collected in years of research quotations of more or less well-known people and arranged them in accordance to certain subjects. All of them have something in common: they are anything but lovely and boring but always with a certain humour, sometimes also a little sarcasm. In this miniature book there are almost 500 of those on the subject of love which are read again and again or quoted with pleasure in all possible and impossible situations. tes of Love. Hard cover in a slipcase, 512 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2006. German edition.

I Love You
Limited editions of two further Smallest Books are available while stocks last. "I Love You" is bound in red leather with a gold heart embossed on the front cover and contains the words "I love you" in twelve languages: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Slovenian and Sanskrit. Note: The cent is only for view and not part of the offered product.

Love poems by Walther von der Vogelweide
Walther von der Vogelweide, the most outstanding lyricist of the German Middle Ages, is a poet of rare stature, who will remain of outstanding importance for all time. Since, the life of the richly talented singer falls into a time when Germany shone brightly in power and splendour, but was also not infrequently hit by political and church-political storms, his songs are all the more significant for the German people, since from the changing wayside, besides atmospheric pictures of the soul, thrilling contemporary paintings emerge. Walther von der Vogelweide: Liebesgedichte. Hardcover in a slipcase, 288 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 2011. German edition.