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Attention all calligraphers!

You can find a vast selection of calligraphy quills at our shop. These include tension (bandzug) quills, ornamental quills, drawing quills, poster quills and music staff quills in various thicknesses and widths.

Note: The pictured pen holders are not part of the product and have to be purchased seperately

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We also recommend

Student ink
Color: turquoise
This inexpensive yet high-quality ink from Lindau is suitable for plunger refill pens. We especially recommend it for use in school. It is available in black, blue, red, turquoise and violet.

Bible ink
The Bible ink used in monastic scriptoria was made from gallnuts from different types of oak and mixed with iron salts. The resulting mixture had a very good colour that was blue-grey when applied and a deep black when dry. This traditionally manufactured product is now being filled exclusively for the Gutenberg Museum. It is only partly suitable for plunger refill pens; when using this ink, please clean your pen regularly. Volume: 25 ml

Wooden ball pen holder
This all-rounder stores quills, dip fountain pens and other writing implements at the correct angle. Hand crafted in massive German beech, this attractive accessory will smarten up any office or study desk.

Pen holder with nib
We stock a traditional dip fountain pen holder for writing or calligraphy nibs in natural coloured or marbled solid wood, oiled or varnished. A (replaceable) student’s nib is included.

Goose quill
Color: blue
Write as they did in the days of yore with this goose quill! It comes cut and hardened in classic white or dyed blue, red, green, brown or black.

Aniline ink
Color: black
Aniline-based ink has the perfect viscosity for use in plunger refill pens. In the early 19th century aniline was still made from indigo. The dye is now manufactured synthetically. At the Gutenberg Shop aniline ink is available in green, royal blue, black and red.