Seals with initials


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Lend your correspondence a personal note – with a seal bearing your initial. Our seals are turned in solid brass and hand-engraved with a letter in English calligraphic script.

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Sealing wax
Color: red
Make your seal stand out with one of our Gutenberg sealing waxes in beautiful non-fade colours.

Gold leaf initials from the Gutenberg-Bible
Letter: O
Splendid hand-painted initials from the 15th century, copied from originals in the existing Gutenberg Bibles. After much research and persistent and elaborate reproduction work we are now proud to present the entire alphabet.Gouache, 22 karat gold leaf, handmade rag paper, hand-cut passe-partout (30 x 24 cm), size of the initiale ca. 8 x 8 cm.

Pen holder with nib
We stock a traditional dip fountain pen holder for writing or calligraphy nibs in natural coloured or marbled solid wood, oiled or varnished. A (replaceable) student’s nib is included.

Bible ink
The Bible ink used in monastic scriptoria was made from gallnuts from different types of oak and mixed with iron salts. The resulting mixture had a very good colour that was blue-grey when applied and a deep black when dry. This traditionally manufactured product is now being filled exclusively for the Gutenberg Museum. It is only partly suitable for plunger refill pens; when using this ink, please clean your pen regularly. Volume: 25 ml