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Getting into the swing of writing!

Learning how to write is not always easy for children. In fact, for some it can be rather difficult. Since fine motor skills aren't yet fully developed in a young child, holding a writing utensil can lead to discomfort and cause their hand to cramp.

As a team of teachers, pupils and professors, the SCHREIBATHLET-Team have developed the SCHREIBPILOT learning system to help children learn how to write. In an intuitive and motivational way, the workbook helps children to develop fluent penmanship. 

This workbook features letters that are debossed, leaving depressed imprints on the pages of the workbook. Children can playfully learn to write the letters of the alphabet by tracing the depressed imprints with a pencil. The depressed outlines of the letters perfectly guide a child's pencil and prevent it from slipping. The result is always perfect!

Have fun learning how to write!

Schreibpilot Letters. Workbook, 59 pages, spiral binding. Included: pencil with eraser. Scheibathlet. English Edition.

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