Hand-bound notebook A4


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Handmade in Passau

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Aniline ink
Color: red
Aniline-based ink has the perfect viscosity for use in plunger refill pens. In the early 19th century aniline was still made from indigo. The dye is now manufactured synthetically. At the Gutenberg Shop aniline ink is available in green, royal blue, black and red.

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Hard cover in leather, in a slipcase, 580 pages, 38 x 53 mm, Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig 1995. German edition.

Bible ink
The Bible ink used in monastic scriptoria was made from gallnuts from different types of oak and mixed with iron salts. The resulting mixture had a very good colour that was blue-grey when applied and a deep black when dry. This traditionally manufactured product is now being filled exclusively for the Gutenberg Museum. It is only partly suitable for plunger refill pens; when using this ink, please clean your pen regularly. Volume: 25 ml

Make a donation to the Gutenberg-Museum!
Donation Amount: Donation of 5€
The Gutenberg charity shop has proved an invaluable aid to museum funding for over 20 years. Each article sold includes a donation which we pass on to the Gutenberg Museum. The shop is chiefly run by volunteers which helps us to keep costs down. You may also make a donation without buying anything.

Sealing wax
Color: gold
Make your seal stand out with one of our Gutenberg sealing waxes in beautiful non-fade colours.

Seals with initials
Letter: P
Lend your correspondence a personal note – with a seal bearing your initial. Our seals are turned in solid brass and hand-engraved with a letter in English calligraphic script.

Strugalla/Hahs: Thinking. Handpress print
Heinz G. Hahs: Bahnwärter. Handpress print by Johannes Strugalla, Edition F. Despalles 1986 (Mainzer Plakatgedicht 4), German edition Printing paper, Format: 70 x 50 cm

Student ink
Color: black
This inexpensive yet high-quality ink from Lindau is suitable for plunger refill pens. We especially recommend it for use in school. It is available in black, blue, red, turquoise and violet.