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The beautiful city of Mainz from a different point of view. Detailed, graphical and not less attractive.

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Für Johannes G. Handpressendruck von Jean Herbert. Edition F. Despalles 1985 (Festa Tipo Grafica). German edition.Format: 70 x 50 cm

Gutenberg wooden block
Size: M
The Gutenberg wooden block is made from cherry wood. It is not only beautiful to behold but also practical to be used as a paperweight. It serves as a small historical remembrance of the important cultural turning point about the unpredictable changes which occurred due to the duplication of written communication because of the invention of the printing press. A hand-full of Gutenberg is preserved in the weight of this pioneering invention as a wooden block depicting the culturally significant lettering on its sides. The sides of this wooden block depict Gutenberg’s conventionalized visage as well as the pictures composed from typographical elements among them for example, direct text from Gutenberg’s Genesis in Textura type. Waldemar Erz is the designer of this beautiful tribute to Gutenberg. The artist, who lives in Nieder-Olm near Mainz, dedicated this artwork to Johannes Gutenberg on the 550 celebration of Gutenberg’s year of death. Technique: Laser-cut cherry wood Material: cherry wood board, approx. 0.20 in. thick Measurements: 3.15 x 3.15 in. Weight: 322 gram

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Johannes Gutenberg sticker
With this sticker you can always express your enthusiasm for "The Man of the Millenium".7,4 cm x 7,4 cm.