The Second Epistle of Peter. Press print from the Gutenberg Bible


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Gutenberg Bible II/305v, The Second Epistle of Peter

This calls for man to live a life of faith and humility and to cherish friendship with his fellow men. Two floral initials in pastel, embellished with ornamentation which is unusually lavish for the New Testament.


Our Bible prints are produced at the Gutenberg Museum in their original format on historical machines. Unlike Gutenberg we print the individual pages in three colours, with red and blue display type, headers and beginnings of lines and the outlines of the ornamentation, lending even our uncoloured pages a very decorative appearance.

The Bible page is available as a three-colour press print and in a hand-coloured and a gold leaf version. Applying the fine, raised gilt decoration is a skill which very few artists still master. Here, a base material is applied to the paper layer by layer in an elaborate and time-consuming process to form a platform for the 22-carat gold leaf.

Versions and formats

  • Three-colour press print on deckle-edged paper. Format: 42 x 30 cm
  • Press print illuminated by hand on deckle-edged paper. Format: 42 x 30 cm (also available in a simple airtight and dustproof gold frame. Frame format: 48 x 36 cm)
  • Handpress print illuminated by hand with gold leaf on handmade paper with a watermark. Format; 45 x 32 cm (also available in an airtight and dustoproof gold frame with the glass raised from the surface of the print to provide optimum protection for the gold leaf. Frame format: 54 x 43 cm)

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