The Letter of Paul to the Romans. Enlarged detail


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For connoisseurs of fine illumination: an enlarged detail from the Gutenberg Bible

This detail from the 42-line Gutenberg Bible shows the prologue and beginning of the Letter of Paul to the Romans. Two ornamental initials are embedded in the elegant proportions of Gutenberg's column of text. The illumination displays unusual mastery, with each one of the precise brush strokes visible down to the last detail. The indentation of the red heading, written by hand in the original Bible, is especially authentic. The scribe did not align his letters with the rest of the column, although there was enough room to do so. Gutenberg, however, working only with his lead composition, kept his columns uniform in this work of over 1,200 pages.

Letter of Paul to the Romans. Hand proof printed from a brass plate on 100% rag paper, hand coloured, 22-carate gold leaf. Numbered with a certificate of authenticity (limited to 150 copies). Format: 33 x 28 cm.

Also available in a hand-finished gold frame which is airtight and dustproof, with the print placed on top of the passe-partout (format: 52 x 47 cm).

Reproducing ornamental pages from the 42-line Bible

Our Bible pages are reproduced in the tradition of Gutenberg. Pure linen papier bearing a watermark is created by hand with the greatest of care. The black text is printed on historical Gutenberg Museum machines. The rubrication, headings, ornaments and miniatures are drawn in and painted by hand with the utmost perfection by our book artists. True to the mediaeval art of book embellishment, first an initial drawing is made and then the gold leaf is applied. Only then do our artists begin to illuminate the prints in colour.

Applying the fine, raised gilt decoration is an ancient skill which very few artists still master. Here, a base material is applied to the paper layer by layer in an elaborate and time-consuming process to form a platform for the gold leaf.

Information on storage and frames

We supply our ornamental Bible prints in either a grey or burgundy presentation folder (format: 51 x 39 cm) together with a brochure on the Gutenberg Bible. If you would like your print framed, you can choose between a removable frame (format: 57.5 x 44 cm) and a handmade, airtight and dustproof frame with a gilt wooden trim. Both frames protect the costly gold leaf as the glass is raised from the passe-partout and thus from the surface of the print.

Please note: allow an extra one to two weeks for delivery of a print in a permanent frame.

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