Set of six Postcards "Gart der Gesundheit"


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The current exhibition at the Gutenberg Museum, entitled "Herbals – from the German Ortus Sanitatis to herbal healers", has on display the first richly illustrated book on medicinal herbs issued in the German language: the famous Gart der Gesundheit (German Ortus Sanitatis) from 1485. Our set of six postcards features six different motifs from the famous herbal:

Mandragora alrun Man (mandrake)

Mandragora alrun Fraw (mandrake)

Borago porrich (borage)

Affodillus goltwortz (asphodel)

Egilops vel egilopa ackeley (aquilegia)

Unfortunately the strawberry is out of stock. Instead we can add one of the other motives twice.

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